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Kids Taekwondo Karate Fitness Martial Arts

Tiny Tigers

Ages: 5-7 Yrs

Our Tiny Tigers program provides a positive learning enviroment for your kids.

We teach kids to excel at life skill such as self esteem, confidence, respect, integrity, focus and many more!

Come and join the Karate for Kids Inc./Taekwondo Family today!

Kids Taekwondo Karate Fitness Martial Arts

Karate for Kids

Ages: 7-13

Karate for Kids inc.Taekwondo is a specialized program created exclusively for children ages 11 through 14. The foundation of the kids martial arts curriculum is the ongoing review and development of life skills such as:

• Positive mental attitude  •  High goal-setting
• Perseverance  •  Self-control  •  Confidence

Adult Martial Arts Taekwondo Fitness Karate

Black Belt Club

Ages: 7+

Black Belt Club® is a program for kids, teens and adults that allow a student to progress past the basic training. We incorporate several martial arts systems within the Black Belt Club® to touch on many different skill sets.

The physical, mental and emotional benefits of training will increase. Students will continue to train in the art of Taekwondo but they will also explore the arts of Jujitsu, Eskrima, CDT, Krav Maga, Wrestling, Boxing and Kick Boxing and more advanced fitness skills.

Classes in this program may be longer in duration, more strenuous and require more training gear. The purpose of this program is to prepare a student to one day become a Black Belt. Your Instructor will contact you for an introductory class into the Black Belt Club when the student is ready.