This form is exciting and difficult. It incorporates a spinning crescent kick, a step up hook kick and many technical hand moves. Pay careful attention to your stances , loud yells, and high kicks. Your board breaking techniques can be a jump front kick, jump side kick, stomp kick and lead leg side kick. Sparring should be very fast and graceful. You may learn the difference between point and free sparring in class.
* means kihap on that technique
1 L W middle/low block middle mid/low
2 L W step hook kick front high
3 R W right punch front high
4 L W ridge hand front high
5 R W elbow strike front high*
6 R W spin crescent kick middle high
7 L W skip round kick middle high
8 L W hammer fist middle middle
9 R W spin hammerfist middle middle
10 L E knife hand back high
11 L E #1 front kick back high
12 L E #3 crescent kick front high
13 R E right punch front high
14 R E mid/low block middle low
15 R E step hook kick front high
16 L E left punch front high
17 R E ridge hand front high
18 L E elbow strike front high*
19 L E spin crescent kick back high
20 R E skip round kick middle high
21 R E hammer fist middle middle
22 L E spin hammer fist middle middle
23 R W knife hand back high
24 R W #1 front kick back high
25 R W #3 crescent kick front high
26 L W left punch front high