Welcome to Martial Arts America, home of Martial Arts America programs and now also a CDT training facility. Our schools have been serving the bay area for over 30 years, and once again, we were voted the top children's program for leadership development in the state of California by the California Registry for Martial Arts Schools and Education. We now have schools in our Fremont,and Dublin (locations). GREAT JOB INSTRUCTORS!

We would like to thank our STUDENTS/PARENTS, instructors and assistants as well as all jr. leaders in every location for their sincere dedication to building better stronger more confident children by means of martial arts.


We dedicate our service to incredible student support coupled with outstanding instructors who really care about customer service. After all, our reputation is on the line, and that is why our staff is dedicated to serving the students full-time. Our staff trains every day on their martial arts skills, bio mechanics, safety, nutrition, motivation, teaching information, communications skills, leadership, physical fitness and business systems that simply make our students be the best they can be regardless of ability, age, or limitations. HIyaa!

"Empower your inside before your outsides."

Thank you all members, staff, parents, and all martial arts practitioners for your commitment to be better at everything you do!